Spring Social was founded by Zo Meacock. After spending almost 10 years working at a senior level in the marketing, commercial and change management teams for a FTSE100 retailer, Zo wanted a new challenge.

Having kept abreast of the exciting changes happening in the marketing industry and after investing time into her professional development through her Social Media qualification with the Institute of Digital Marketing, she decided to set up Spring Social.

Passionate about marketing, social media and especially interested in B2C companies, Zo is not only dedicated to helping small and medium sized businesses succeed but also prides herself on staying on top of the latest trends in the world of social media marketing.

Her experience of working in a traditional and digital marketing capacity with top household names gives her a great understanding of how business works and how social media can feed into the overall marketing mix and deliver real value.


We genuinely believe that size doesn’t matter! We are a small team with a personal approach to business and that is the way we and our clients like it!


Louise is the most recent addition to the team. With an impressive commercial background in marketing and supply chain, Louise is our fun loving account manager. Professional with a capital P but manages to keep everybody smiling too!


As chief Website bod, there is little that Giles doesn’t know about when it comes to web design and development. A creative thinker and a techno whizz, Giles ensures that everything works and looks fantastic!